Monday, May 28, 2012

learning from the peas.

i noticed a similarity between myself and the peas growing.
i was trying to gently untangle them from each other and attach their tendrils to the netting
allowing each one to grow tall and strong.
it was slow, fragile work and i sighed as the plants just waned to lie down with the others
rather than stretch up individually.
their leaves are big and heavy, yet the fragile looking
but very strong tendrils will hold the plant tall when attached firmly to the net i provided for them long before the seedlings even emerged.

this is me, i thought.
this might be you too.
i need to trust that i too am strong enough to climb as tall and as big as i am meant to and my safety net is well in place, having been there, repaired often, but there, since before i too came to be.
it is easier to stay where i am. it is easier to lie down but i need to be willing to continually stretch and reattach to the net so i can continue to grow.

this is just one of the reasons i love gardening so. i learn so much.

the peas above are from mom stearn-smith's garden. i love the individual cans protecting each fragile bloom.
mine are not so neat and orderly.

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