Tuesday, May 15, 2012

when i stop noticing the world shrunk a little

about 3 weeks ago i stopped recording my gratitudes.
and i think i stopped noticing a little bit.
my world became smaller and less abundant
and much flatter.
i have practiced gratitude recording for long enough to be solidly
deep down in my heart convinced that it is a powerful practice that makes a difference.

i've started again.
3 lists in 3 days
there is a shift that comes when i  am deliberate in my thanks.
my eyes can see again!

and there is no time to waste in chastising myself because i stopped.
i am just delighted that i have begun again.
that's the gift of all these daily practices we try to incorporate.
there is always the opportunity to begin again.
so there is no need for discouragment or judgement.

just. start. now. today.
i love living the belief that everyday is a new day.
there is freedom there.

oh, and for those of you who got the salad eating update via my facebook yesterday...
i felt the collective rejoicing and felt so loved and supported
thank you!

it ended up kicking my intestines hard...so no raw veggies yet i suppose.
perhaps i will try fruit instead.

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