Friday, February 1, 2013

January Awesomesauce!

we forget right?
just how awesome a month can be
and so,
i am celebrating
i had 275 entries
 in my gratitude journal
for January
when i counted last night.
actually, i used a calculator
because it was hard to keep all those crayoned circled phrases
not enough fingers.

i adored January
the cups of tea i shared with owen
(he just started tea only..such a healthy guy)
the gathering of the chicken eggs each day
the watching of Thaddeus and Gideon get their licences and their own vehicles
the saying goodbye to my sickness being the first thing i think about and now being the 4th or 5th thing i think about.
i can't wait to not have to think about it at all...but not yet. not yet.
the trip to Thailand.

putting that down in 4 words on a list doesn't do it justice of course, but it needs to be here
the moments i have spent with pastels and chalk
the long tea visits i had
especially with my mom. with mary. with jenn. with kristin.
January felt connected. solid. friendly.
the afghans. i became so fond of them again.
cake making and eating.
i have wanted to remake that lemon cake each day since we made it together.
 i am resisiting so far, but not much longer.
my camera.
grateful for being reunited with a Canon again
loving my instax a day project.
the photos are so bad. technically speaking but so fun and life capturing.
the exercising that i started.
 the movement that is happening again.
that was good. is going to continue to be good
 i feel proud about that.
oh January!
you were such fun.
thank you

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