Tuesday, February 12, 2013

making peace with pink

colour associations run deep for me
a story. a memory. a hope. an intention
all appear in the colours
i play with in my journal pages,
my collage work, my gardens, the blankets on my bed,
the occasional ring and earrings i might wear.
i of course,
gravitate to some colours more than others.
blues, greens, yellow and white.
the colours of beaches and deep forests.
i am sure my dream house will have a red front door.
but not pink.
nope. i don't do pink.
or at least i didn't
until last week and now she is springing up everywhere.
last week
i dug deeper into healing my childhood trauma
a wound, a disturbance, an upset, confusion, upheaval.
i do not type the word lightly, nor do i need to elevate it to a higher place than it needs
trauma is a part of my story.
trauma is common.
trauma recovery
is a stepping stone to my future
and so here i am.
when i have the energy
i am accepting, welcoming, naming,
and turning over my traumas
 to reveal the fertile soil underneath. 
and this brought me to my understanding of the colour
i am continuing to use my art as
therapy and i am exploring on a variety of levels.
i go to art therapy
and i am also participating in two on line courses.
it was while i was
creating a mandala
 that the colour pink
came and busted me right open.
here's the thing.
i enter most of these experiences/exercises with a fairly skeptical eye.
how can this
actually accomplish the deep work of soul healing?
i ask myself this each time i begin
and each time i show up to the page
stuff shifts.
cracks open. heals.
 transforms me.
 allows me to become new.
my first mandala is dark and dense.
protected and closed in.
not pretty
not. at. all.
kinda looks like a school planet project gone bad.
except for the pink dot in the center.
it started out as white. then became yellow
but as i was trusting the process
i made it pink.
baby pink
newborn fresh pink
{oh dear}
pink as in eternal love
i will love you forever and never forget you pink
if you choose to accept the definitions that have been assigned to colours.
i do.
 they are bang on correct.
 and if at first i am skeptical,
i dig deeper and they always fit.
(weird, right..i know)
suddenly this little pink dot in the center of my mandala
becomes a representation of what i needed from my birth mother
and i feel it so clearly and i can articulate it to Owen,
which I can almost never do...
these are deep stories that remain hidden
but not the day of the pink dot.
i found myself on the couch,
sobbing and gesturing wildly,
laughing at my intensity
but letting it all spill out.
i needed a teeny tiny pink baby hat.
i craved the connection that occurs between mother and babe the moments after birth.
that exhausted love exchange that occurs.
i wanted. the. pink. newborn. hat.
i wanted to lovingly be placed on my birth mama's chest and i needed to feel her heart.
but i didn't get to do that.
that is  the true story and it is unchangeable
 i am learning to be okay with that.
and the grieving and healing that came
as an extension of that pink dot
is helping get me there.
closer and closer to being at peace with my birth story.
oh art.
i love you so.


  1. Wow, this is so moving. Made me tear up, it really resonated with me. Much love and light <3

  2. Tania, your story and pictures are heartbreakingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing and helping us to know you better, to know ourselves better.. and to trust the healing process. -Vicki xo

  3. I love this. All of it. Including the little bitty pink. Thank you for sharing so deeply xo

  4. I wonder...if you inherited this passion for art from your birth-mother...I wonder if she has ever used art to help her own self heal from the trauma? Perhaps with a little pink centre representing YOU, the baby girl she could never hold...or keep warm with a little hat of love.

    And, I rejoice that you found words to share with Owen the story! Talking together, opening up the deep things, is one of the joys of married life, isn't it?