Thursday, February 21, 2013

thinking on these

i am attempting to tidy up my brain.
quiet it down a little.
well, alot actually.
lists help.
meditation would be better
 but i am
not there yet
i am thinking about the connection between giving up food and spiritual practice
 and what does that  mean.
i am thinking about why my kitchen never stays clean. ever.
i am thinking about creative planning and how i could incorporate that into creating a budget we could stick to
i am thinking about permaculture and gardens and realizing as i learn more, that means saying no way more than saying yes.
 it's a discipline i think.
i am thinking about parenting and how it stretches me every single day in the best possible way
i am thinking about how making friends with my "illnesses" could actually be a wonderful thing
i am thinking about the power of going barefoot and what that means to me
i am thinking about home made body products that i could make
i am thinking about how i love to learn and write and discover
i am thinking about Owen's family (my family too) and how perfect they are for me
i am thinking about how much comfort i take in knowing my parents pray for me every single day without fail
i am thinking about how surprised i am by how much i love our cat and our chickens
i am thinking about silence and how i always interpret it as something negative
i am thinking about growing my hair as long and wild and curly as it will grow
i am thinking about embracing the name "garden maven" which was used to describe me by someone yesterday
i am thinking about the unbelievably long hours Owen is working this week and the toll that is taking
i am thinking about medicine and my hatred of it and why that might be
i am thinking about how grateful i am for this path i walk on
i am thinking about colour sorting my pencil crayons and having a rainbow on my desk
i am thinking about how absolutely marvelous it is that i can order library books from home and then just go pick them up!
i am thinking about how easy it is for me to say yes without even considering saying no when sometimes i need to
what are you thinking about today?


  1. Hi Tania, today I am thinking about what I am responsible for, but also cannot change, and working out, what I can do! I think new inspirations and ideas in life is always a good thing, however they have come about. I like the idea of putting more creative energy into food and where it comes from. Have a good day, Heather x

  2. I am thinking about how grateful I am to be "more well" today ... and that I have the energy to read e-mails and create art-mail {and read blogs I love -- like this one!}.

    This is a lovely list; we share so many {thoughts} ... ~hugs

  3. Right now, at the end of a unusually busy and astonishingly productive day, I am thinking about the transformative difference SLEEP can bring: I slept well last night (first time in how long?), and today I felt like a brand new person! I cleaned, I cooked, I decorated, I organized, I was amazing. And, of course, I overdid it, too - but it was so much fun!

    I love your list...