Thursday, February 14, 2013

oh life.

this post has nothing to do with my cat
two years ago
i sent a request to our local college
about getting credit for
my life.
you know,
the twenty some years
i have spent working with kids,
learning from encounters,
reading, seminar taking,
part of a degree courses
that sort of life.
i heard back from them.
i know right?
and it stopped me in my tracks
first off,
i didn't remember that i had emailed them
and then once i did remember
i just felt
jolted a bit.
this post doesn't really have an ending.
just a ramble of
how weird it felt.
i think the bigger question is
how do we get "credit" for our lives
at all
and why do i need to.
that's actually what this post is about.
i don't know the answer yet.

and then i pushed publish,
went to check my inbox
and there were two more emails
from two years ago.
signing me up for a first aid course
and the other confirming,
that yes,
we could take surf lessons when we were in Tofino.

my mind is blown.


  1. gosh, were they really lost in cyber space all that time, lost messages appearing now! must feel a little strange! Heather x

  2. Too funny. It makes you think doesn't it? Not only in regards to the fact it took two years to get a reply... but that they all came in at once... and then... you think, whoa... what was I thinking at that time when I sent these requests out? College, surf lessons, and first aid all at once? Your mind was kind of all over the place. I have had many times just like this too.
    So... were you able to get credit for those 20 years???? If so, please let me know because I could use it too:)
    Hugs and blessings