Wednesday, August 17, 2011


i think blogging every day helps me
not feel invisible.
there needs to be strategies
in place
for me to feel connected
in a meaningful way to the people that are important to me
outside of my family
and being i work at home
that connection needs to be intentional.
blogging is my way of feeling like i am having a good little
heart to heart each day with someone special.
the funny thing is i write for myself -
deliberatly not getting caught up in
punctuation and sentence structure.
i just tend to sit down,
choose a photo that
"speaks to me"
(because they do)
and type out a few honest, unedited thoughts.
as for you who are reading them,
i figure that the only reason you would read my blog
in the first place
would be becasue you care for me at some level
and therefore, i am succeeding in
staying connected.

of course,
i am also blessed with a few dear friends
who drop in unexpectedly
often for less than 10 minutes or so...
you are littele rays of sunlight in my day!
and get to see me at my best and worst
depending on the moment.

so yea,
that is why i am here every day,
usually just after lunch,
typing quickly and happily
reaching out to my little world
and reminding myself that
i am still here.
not invisible.
i suppose some of us would like to be invisible
and unseen
and i too often want to retreat
but for me
for my personality
that retreating and hiding
 is not helpful for extended periods of time.
i need
for myself.
and that is okay.

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