Tuesday, August 23, 2011

pulling up the covers...

sometimes it is so easy to pull up the covers
so to speak.
to pretend that there isn't a small voice of concern
speaking to us
or there isn't a  behaviour that we really are uncomfortable with
or perhaps
there is our intuition
tugging at us quietly
requesting an audience.
it is simpler,
it seems at least
to hide from from the truth
by being extra busy
or extra loud
or extra quiet.
we think that the situation or concern or problem
will just go away on its own.
even though we have tried this strategy many many times
often with the same result,
we somehow trick ourselves into taking the
easier route.
avoiding the hard conversation or the  lifestyle change we may need to make
or the stretching and growing that will come
when we pull the covers off of ourselves and
truly see.
earlier this year
i was working really hard at being more authentic
with myself and those close to me.
it has not been a perfect process
and there are times when i
right back to where i used to be
but in some areas of my life
the cover pulling
was telling.
i learned so much about myself
and i can see the value
in really being authentic.
there is a freedom that begins to develop
and that frees up space for other growth and opportunites to flourish

it takes a whole lot of trust in myself though
and that is often where i stumble.
but i am also learning that it is okay to stumble
as long as i pick myself up, brush myself off,
 try again,
and not
 under the blankets.

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