Thursday, August 11, 2011

a little bit...

i had a little bit of sugar today
not too much..just a few pumps
in a grande shaken green tea at sbux...
but a little bit is all it takes...
now i want a whole lot more than a little bit.

a little bit of grumbling
seems to grow into a whole lot of complaining
and a little bit of doing nothing
soon becomes a great big bunch of lazy.

a little bit of dreaming can become a catapult of new beginnings
and a little bit of forgiveness can soon crack wide open
and spill all over with goodness and grace.
a little bit of seeds can transform a barren patch of dirt
and a littel bit of bubbles can make for a very happy day.

a little bit of giggles can become a full body belly laugh
and a little bit of kissing can lead to a whole lot of love.

i think i need to make sure i  pick the right little bit...

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