Monday, August 22, 2011

patience and grace

two words that are hard to live out sometimes
two words that i am blessed to have extended to me
by my dear loving husband
two words that i need and want to extend to others
how tricky is this yo-yo life of living with others
how tough it is to remain constant, unchanging
solidly grounded
when the emotions and behaviours and attitudes
leap and jump and spin and tumble
all around me
all the time
add to that any sort of external stressor
and there is the makings for
a whole lot of conflict
but instead
slowly and steadily,
sometimes moment by moment
i am trying to choose to respond
with patience and grace
remembering that anything we are experiencing
any situation
is temporary and organic and is going to
look very different even moments later
responding with patience and grace
allows for relationships to remain unbroken
for tempers to remain calm
and for words not to have to be taken back
because really,
who likes to have to take words back?
i need to have an anchor
something that grounds me solidly to
my truest understanding of myself
i need to ensure that i am really
truly not going to be tossed here and there
by the fluctuating behaviours and words of others.
i wish it were as easy as it sounds.

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