Monday, August 1, 2011

noticing right now..

it is time to fold the growing pile of clean laundry

a lady stopped traffic while on her walk for a small dog to cross the road
(i found this sweet)

tea is delicious cold as well as hot
i have not vacuumed nearly enough this week
my fridge and cupboards are slowly beginning to look healthy
i have a fondness for putting things in glass jars
the sun is glorious and hot this morning
i don't do nearly enough journaling
i no longer dread being alone for a few days

the grass needs cutting
(dandelions need cutting actually)
we have a second batch of peas coming

there is a stack of mail to be sent at my front door
(if you like snail mail, send me your addy and i will add you to my list)

i have Becky's wedding on my mind all the time
pj's really are my favorite outfit
hannah's hair is crazy
i feel, deep down inside, that the rest of this summer is going to be glorious

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