Wednesday, August 24, 2011


today i feel
like there is too much to accomplish
and i am not very full of
patience and grace.
i feel like
i need to compulsively write
lists to keep myself from panicking
about all that i
need to be doing.
need to be doing?
when one stops and thinks about it
there is very little that we actually
there are lots of things
that help keep our live more orderly
and help us meet our goals and responsibilites
there are many many things
we want to do.
but when i start panicking
about simple joyful activites
i know that there is something out of balance.
when my body starts
screaming for the very food that will make me sick
i know that i need to stop and breathe.
no more  running around in never ending circles -
no panicking about made up expectations
no more busy projects.
i just need to do what needs to be done
and trust that the rest will take care of itself.
it always does and always will.
one of those days where i need to be reminded
to stop.
 do what needs to be done.
let go.
today and tomorrow will take care of themselves.

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