Tuesday, August 2, 2011


i took time this weekend
to just hang out with my kids.
a mother-daughter dinner date on friday night
became a mother-daughter-son-son
dinner date
at the restaurant of oldest son
who cooked for us.
there is something very satisfying about being fed
perfectly prepared food by your child.
in that he knows i can't eat anything from the menu
and without me having to say a thing
he spoke to the waiter and said
"just punch in "mom"- i know what to make her"
so my children and i sat around the table
and talked of random things
like fish farming, genetically modified banana's,
their dad, old house stories
and lots of random memory stuff.
it was good.
hannah insisted on photos
which the boys insisted can't be used for my blog
so they remain hidden away for me to treasure
and make a mini-book out of one day.
times with all my kids at the same time
is rare. sacred. a treasure beyond words
and i cherish the moments deeply.
i love the happiness that radiates from my face
in a photo of all of us-
me surrounded by these big, burly boys and beautiful hannah.
hannah's love note in the photo above
reminds me
that time is really the most valuable gift we can give -
to ourselves and others.

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  1. Love this...sounds like an amazing evening! Nothing quite like great time with our kids, watching them grow into these fun, interesting, incredible people!