Saturday, March 12, 2011

date night with Owen..

we have a little thing we do...owen and i
we have "date night at home"
and it involves
cooking together, yummy drinks, dessert
and we take it up to our room,
where we have a table and chairs
and we imagine that we are away from it all
and it is wonderful.
this man of mine
is my daily gift.
there is no one who completes me the way he does
i tell him often that he came into my life to
fill up the dry cracks
my heart was full of dry cracks
and he has carefully and thoughtfully
been filling them for seven years.
there is no one like him.
he is my hero
i mean really, who else takes on a single mom
with 4 kids
and devotes his young years to
caring for them and their mother
with complete selflessness and wholeheartedness?
i am amazed every day by owen
and now
am going to leave you and go have a date!

1 comment:

  1. awe... warms the heart~! I want an owen too! Oh wait... I have a rick :) and he has been faithfully loving me for almost 25 years... long years for him I'm sure! LOL..

    Thanks Tania! So sweet
    Suzy (not Meghan... she's at my house and showed me herre blog and I read yours and there we have the source of the confusion)