Wednesday, March 2, 2011

on the topic of gardening....

on the topic of gardening i could talk forever.
however, we can do that when we see each other face to face.
here are my quick and immediate thoughts...and it really has to do with life more than gardening but the two are suprisingly intertwined i have noticed.
any change we make needs to be sustainable.
wanting to change our impact on the world by gardening is probably one of the most rewarding and satisfying ways to do so if we do it slowly and properly.
otherwise, we get discouraged, give up, and hesitate to try to do something new the next time we are impassioned by a belief or cause.
start small.
really small.
grow what you eat.
in our house, that means lots of beans. owen loves garden beans. hannah loves garden beans. the rest of us eat them. they are good for us.
it's a daily thing, gardening is, during the growing season. make time for it in your schedule. every day!
kinda like taking care of ourselves, growing our faith, is a daily thing, everyday!
search out local farmer markets and farms
change one thing at a time for sustainablility
start by buying local, organic eggs. we can all do that right now. today.
then start buying organic milk
our budget is a reality
so it bears consideration when making decisions about changing our lifstyles and habits.
then buy organic meat
and once all of that feels normal, add something more in. Of course, these may not be the choices you make, but you get the idea.
my list looks like this:
grow lots of beans
don't drink cows milk at all
only eat meat 3x a week or so because we can't afford to buy organic meat yet
rejoice when owen goes away for 3 days to fish, filling the freezer with salmon
don't grow onions again this year...not worth the space

as for you starting a garden...yay!
plant equal amounts of flowers to encourage pollinators
and besides,
they are beautiful and abby can put them in little jars
plants need healthy soil, sunlight and regular watering
that's where the daily habit comes in...early morning is best, really early, like 6am
start a compost!

grow lots of beans and tomatoes as they are companion plants and like each other
beans can be frozen if you get a bumper crop\
tomatoes can be canned if you get a bumper crop
check your local frost dates
talk to the neighbours
seek out farming groups in your area....
but for now,
buy happy eggs from happy chickens!

on another note, i am concerned about your BP and would like to know that you are being diligent about taking care of yourself. I know from experience that we need to listen to our bodies and I think yours might be trying to tell you something.....?!?
i love you suzy!
be kind to yourself, there isn't another you!

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  1. Great ideas always! My sister started seeds and growing teh tiny plants.. Our family loves tomatoes so i would really like lots of them. Also we are hoping to grow some herbs and peppers.. we love them. Hannah is going to grow some stuff and meghan some and then we hope to swap. I appreciate the small changes.. good advice. I'm trying to do that in small ways. Good news - this mornign I had 160/70 the best I've had in a month! I am being diligent. Going back to Dr. next week. Been taking my BP everyday.. like blogging... requires discipline.. I never knew I was such an undisciplined person... hard changes Tania! Hard.