Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11th   2011    Blog #?  
Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman
Dear Tania
Good Morning Tania. I trust that life has settled in your neighborhood … I am hoping that things at home are well. I really appreciated your last blog! This journey of life is sometimes more than what expect or hope for!  I have had a rude surprise this morning as I found out that my EI is no longer available. Originally told it was good through to June meant that it could be used till that date however eligible weeks were only for 23 weeks. So.. this has sent me into panic mode now as all of a sudden our family has lost significant income. … and might I say what bad timing as we leave for BC next week! So this morning I am going through job ads on Kijiji Edmonton looking for a miracle job.. high pay and flexible hours … sounds easy eh! We are just up and running for props on the Phantom and I am

 really needing to give myself to this in order to meet deadlines! So feeling quite overwhelmed this morning J Don’t really have much else to say Tania. Trying to keep the faith and put a foot and not fear in front of me this morning!

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  1. so, how is the job search going? how frustrating for you to loose out on your ei...are you all coming back to victoria or just part of you? we need to firm up our visit date so that we make it happen as i know you are going to be very busy with all you are needing and wanting to do while you are here.