Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th  2011    Blog #24  Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman  

Dear Tania

I thought I would share with you about my sister. My parents had separated and my dad was living the wild & free life.

I was about 18 I guess and I was in my room listening to an album.. Keith Richards I believe.. I was praying and worshiping and God told me that on a certain date (which as I remember was in march) that something important was going to happen. That day my dad came home to talk. They had a bad argument and then when my dad left my mother who was in tears told me she was pregnant. When my father had come home ‘to try and work things out’ she had gotten pregnant. On that day, the good news came. What is interesting is that I prayed for a sister for a long time as a kid.

In October of that year, my beautiful sister was born. There were a lot of years between us but it was an amazing prayer that was answered.  

As it worked out, because of the age difference I was well on my way to beginning my adult life. I got married, we moved to Peterborough for Rick to go to Bible College and then on to a church… and so life progressed… her in Ontario us in BC.

Funny thing, years later, we are together… she in Edmonton and me in Sherwood Park. (about 15 min apart) I am so enjoying our time together. To have my sister in my life and share this time together is priceless.

The other night we watched a movie, drank a bottle of wine and talked. No pressures… just fun. How amazing.

A funny thing is that a prophecy given to me when we stepped out on faith on our ministry journey... was that God would restore the years the locust had eaten. Of course it referred to many things but I feel it sure applies here. The damage done in our family because of our parents’ divorce was so damaging and so painful. It tore our family up… literally.
So here I am years later enjoying the fruit of God’s faithfulness! His blessings.  How cool is that. So I want to encourage you, if God has made a promise to you… He is faithful!

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  1. To my Favourite Sister!
    Thank you for writing about me today :D
    It makes me very happy to think we have this opportunity too!! We have everything to gain and many more years to live out. Thank you for praying for a little sister, Suzy. Although some days in my life I have wished I wasn't born, but I have learned along the way that there is always more to gain, and more to learn. So I am grateful for my life, and my family ~ now I get to embrace them again :D Yay GOD!!