Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3rd  2011    Blog #?   Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman

Dear Tania
Meet my family… we are not perfect! In fact we are sometimes downright miserable because… well we are people. We forget at times the love that binds us to each other. We forget that we love each other so much we would do anything for each other.

Crazy things have happened in our family. Things that shouldn’t happen.. but through the worst of it, we still love each other. We encourage each other by sharing our hearts and our words to uplift and exhort.

We try to hold each other accountable. Sometimes the lines get blurred and we forget that each person has to discover their own way.

 That forcing a person just doesn’t work! Love is letting people make mistakes and helping to pick up the pieces when things don’t work out. And when things do work out, perhaps admitting that just maybe ~ they had a good idea and their way did work.

              Family is not about perfection but process. It’s not about getting but giving. It’s not about leaving but loving. It’s about sharing not shouting. It’s about saying sorry not ‘see I told you so’…It’s about perspective not pointing.

   Memories! Good Memories! Forgiveness, friendship, fellowship and finding time.

 I love my family. I love that each person is unique and on their own journey. That stretches me to look to God not people. Teaches me to see the Grace of God in them and me.
Learning that God is in the small moments that we connect...
when we understand each other. When we don't take each other for granted.


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