Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5th  2011             Blog #24  Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman  

Dear Tania

I say this every time… I’m not going to take on so much… leave some breathing space… but then, when the opportunity comes around… I can’t help but take it on… I’m excited, love the challenge, hate just sitting doing nothing! So I have no one else to blame for this crazy Saturday… but me. 
But hey, wasn’t it me who said I like my plate all filled up!
         Ok…so today as I move on to accomplish my list, I’m thinking a crazy thought… If you could have 5 things… (not world peace and fantasy things like that.. but 5 things… kind of like a bucket list of 5 for myself /family…
What would those 5 things be?

Here’s my list as it sits at 8:31 Saturday morning after just making breakfast for the men’s breakfast at church this morning and on my way to my 6 hour rehearsal/prop making… & then to a camera class!
#1. I would like Alice! You know Alice from the Brady Bunch.. the amazing member of the family who cooks and cleans and helps take care of family! I would love Alice! I’ll give her my room! I’ll bless her everyway I can. I want her. 

#2. Speaking of the Brady Bunch… I loved their house. As a kid I feel in love with the sunken living room and the staircase and all the room. Please God, can I have house if I can’t have Alice?

#3. I have dreamt of back packing through Europe with only jeans and a jean jacket! Seeing all the great Art galleries and taking pictures of architecture and eating at the most amazing side street cafes! For sure a real desire!!

#4. Money… I would love to bless my family and help others and support ministries and causes… oh to have money! I’m not interested in furs or jewels..but to have $ to make a difference. To bless others in small ways and big ways.. wouldn’t that be cool? OK..perhaps this is as fantasy as ‘world peace’… so I’ll opt for a family holiday with everyone in a cool place where everybody can enjoy themselves.. and we have an amazing memorable holiday! …. Perhaps still fantasy? J

#5. Whew… my last wish… lose weight? New car?  Hmmm… this is a hard one… oh I know… my own perhaps this store, perhaps a restaurant… perhaps the 2 combined.. but yep that’s it! My own successful business!

 Tania..what's your list?


  1. you've got me thinking suzy..i will blog my 5 tomorrow..:)

  2. This is great, I have some reading to catch up on