Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Feb 27th  2011    Blog #?   Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman
Dear Tania
This is off topic.. sort of.. but fits into the being more responsible and aware.. I watched a video that is highly disturbing.. I could not even watch it all the way through.. and yes of course it has an agenda to push but like Food Inc it also reveals a great deal about Food and who we purchase from. It has made me even more committed to finding local sources for food. (I’m turning into you..lol.. :) But seriously Tania I know that you have a lot of info in this area and I’m wondering if you have tips and pointers that you could share... How do I find local farmers and producers?
         How do I get in touch with the ‘real seeds’  like no modified seeds.. my sister (you’d love her.. miss organic save the planet.. ;) and I are going to get a garden going.. I just feel well out of touch as to how to begin, where to begin.. I need some direction.

In other ways, doing good. Still menopausel (heart racing as I read this) Went to the Dr. Again today.. she wants to rule out ‘mono’ ... I’m returning to her next week to discuss blood pressure because mine in 179 over 107 on average for the past 20 days... and apparently that needs aggressive treatment. And so I am becoming more aware in all these areas. * Your rubbing off on me Tania J

Ok.. gonna go make supper.

Enjoy your night.


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  1. love the quote..i have it written on a scrap of paper somewhere from last month when i was trying to figure out what courage actually was...i love that you are becoming aware...i love being aware..and with that awareness, at least for me, comes a sense of responsibity to myself and that is a very good thing for us mother types who don't tend to do that:)