Monday, March 28, 2011

yay! we are back to blogging!

hello suzy!
welcome home to you.
i have missed blogging but was blessed to have a quick tea with you while you were here.
catch up would be good i think!
so, here at my house Kate has moved in with us.
she is settling in nicely and we are thrilled to have her
the garden is turned over, waiting for warmer weather
but the peas and lettuce went in yesterday.
what else?
well, my medicine isn't working as it should and so i am back on
prednisone...i was only able to be off it for a week and
became very sick again, so back on it i went.
i have 2 more weeks to go before we know for sure
what the other medication is doing...
i find that as time drags on, i am having
a harder time remaining positive about my situation.
fear creeps in, lonliness and disconnection.
i need to go back to a few month ago,
when i was diligent about taking care of myself.
that isn't happening any more and is something i need to work on.
anyhow, duty calls, i have diapers to change and mouths to feed.
looking forward to your post tomorrow.
love ya,

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