Friday, March 4, 2011

important right now Friday

being gentle with ourselves is important. listening to the wise voice rather than the condeming voice is very important
snow days are amazing therapeutic gifts in the middle of winter
rubber boots are cold, so wear warm socks
anticipating  spring is very sustaining during the last few weeks of winter
weekends are important for my mental health, i need to protect them
this too shall pass on repeat can be helpful
medicine sometimes makes you sicker before it makes you better
hugs help
affirmations work!
unconditional love is hard work
searching for and finding gratitude in all things is learned slowly and with persistence
i love the connection i am able to have with my friends through facebook and email
happy mail is just that, happy
my children are really, really great!
my husband is amazing and i am blessed with his love for me
i can't control the actions and reactions of others and that is okay
being nauseated all day sucks. but it is good for portion control
storm watching is a powerful way to remember the power of god
connection is important..with ourself and with those closest to us
this too shall pass.
a good friend can make all the difference in my day

have a wonderful, restful, therapeutic weekend suzy. do something just for you. and tell me about it next time you blog. i am thrilled to hear your numbers are coming down. this is good news! 
love tania

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