Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15th  2011 Blog #28  Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman  

Dear Tania

My Lent Journal

Monday: Looking to give or pay it forward… Nothing seems big enough to count.. here we go again.. J Remembered my sister was a vegetarian (new since new year) and I had purchased some fake crabmeat (she eats fish) so when she comes I have things to serve. She came to help work on Phantom.. brought our fake crabmeat which we had in a Bagel. It was good. Drove her home so she didn’t have to take the bus. Not sure it counts… I would have driven her home anyways. Gonna keep looking for opportunities.

Tuesday: Gave time to one of my kds when I felt like they were being silly and too self consumed. Tried hard to love unconditionally. Does that count… that’s just being a mom.


Overwhelming! Don’t want to hear or watch more because I feel so powerless. Not because I don’t feel compassion but because I feel powerless. What can I do? I don’t have $ to give… I know I can pray.. but that seems to lame when I think how desperate the need is. Really hard to see the world in such a mess. Haiti still has over 1 million living in emergency tents. OMG!

Our Blog

Feels like my bi-daily therapy session. A way of purging my thoughts and feelings. How does it feel to you?


Went to a Ladies Night Out on Monday. It was good. Had a comedian and a speaker. As I listened to the speaker I was thinking, if I could choose any job in the world right now… that would be it. I would be a speaker to ladies. That’s what I would do. That’s all I could think about as I was listening.


I think I’m going to write a book. Or at least try. Funny cause you know how I feel about it. But I feel like I have a book inside of me.. for several years now… weird.

Ok.. I think I’m done for today. I’m going to make barrys cake and wrap his present. It’s his birthday tomorrow!

Blessings Tania. 1 more Blog before I leave for Victoria.


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  1. love your lent list. love it:)
    and Suzy, since when is prayer lame? i think we have alot to learn from the tragedy in Japan...not sure what but i know there are nuggets in there somewhere..and if we don't listen and watch and have a response are we at some level hardening ourselves? i dunno and i worry about things like that..i worry when my emotions get too far buried to bubble up and force a response from myself.
    i am glad that our blog is working for you. it isn't quite what we started out with is it? being all accountable and stuff..i think it has become a wonderful connection between us and a great place to gather our thoughts for safe keeping until they work themselves out and make room for what is next for us. xxoxoox
    a public speaker and an author..those seem to go together...and you would make the women you spoke to laugh till their sides hurt and cry till their heart emptied out...
    i hope barry's birthday was wonderful. we miss them. see you soon!!!