Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2nd  2011    Blog #31 
Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman  

 Dear Tania

 I’m on the even days now… this might throw me off…

It’s Saturday morning and my last free one for a few weeks. Phantom is looming in the distance and will consume my next month! I feel a bit queasy at the amount of work that needs completing within the month! I went to my interview yesterday and was offered a job … great store, wonderful people and best of all it’s all about art! Tania, they have a gallery space and the lady who is putting her stuff in does visual journaling! You would love her stuff! It is beautiful! I thought of you right away  when I saw it. So it looks like I will be working at the store, teaching some summer workshops for youth, and they are being flexiable so I can also teach on call when needed. Very excited about this.

Other great things… hmmm Rick bought a BBQ so our official summer season can start! (ignore the snow still on the ground) Bring on the Beef! (it’s Alberta)

Seeing God move in various ways. Very encouraging. The mens breakfast at church hit 17 this morning. That is great. So encouraging.

 I’ve been working through the rooms trying to make the house more like a home. Today I tackle the worst room… the dining room. We have recycling up the … well walls actually! We are over run with recycling! It’s my nightmare that I must contend with before people go missing and we have to send out a search party.
Finally, Abby comes home tomorrow. She is flying high on this Mission Trip and is so excited. I can’t wait to hear her stories. So thankful to God for this amazing trip for her.
Ok… not too much to blog. It’s blue skies here and the snow is melting like a bad cold! Good days.


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