Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a quick nap time blog of thankfulness

april 5, 2o11
a quick off the top of my head thankful list
because as we know, gratitude is the path to joy....right...?
i am grateful for the sunshine peeking through the rain clouds right this second
i am thankful that abby experienced a big life changing dose of jesus while she was away!
i am appreciating that nap time is starting to happen for all 4 of them at the same time
i am grateful that owen is steadfast in his love for me
i am thankful that Hannah tells me she loves me every.single.day.
without fail, no matter what.
i am grateful for my dishwasher..
i am thankful that thad is almost done school for this term because he is feeling done.
i am grateful for the hot shower i had time for today
i am grateful that dinner is planned for tonight
i am appreciating this blog that we are keeping\i am grateful for the blessings i am recieving
even when i don't seem to notice them.
i am grateful that today is tuesday, not monday
i am thankful that i have this one glorious life to live
i am grateful that i have the freedom to have choice and opportunity
i am thankful that even without sleep i can do what needs to be done.
i am appreciating that there is a coconut bar waiting for me in the freezer
i appreciate my life, my family and my dear friends. i really do.
i am grateful that i am able to be grateful. for a few days, i wasn't and my soul felt lost.
i am thankful that i always seem to be able to return to who i am.
i am grateful for patience and hope
have an amazing day suzy and give Abby a hug for me!

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