Sunday, April 17, 2011

self care...

here is what i think,
and it's going to be quick because i am sick today, heading to the clinic and seeing double,
so we shall see how well my brain works!
i have been thinking about your comments about self care
i laughed when you said that you appear to have "an issue with it"
silly us. silly silly us who don't value ourselves enough to know when to take care!
martha and mary come to mind.
now i know there are lots of teachings and thoughts and opinions about martha and mary
and probably a few good sermons too...and a few bad ones,
but here are my tania thoughts.
i know that you are i are both leaning towards being martha's!
we are happiest when we are busy.busy.busy, getting it done, helping others,
not a minute to spare, deadlines thrill us, we want to be useful and all that other martha stuff.
mary is a fine example of self care.
for all i know, mary may have normally been a very productive woman
she might have been just as energetic and busy as martha on most days
but that one day,
the day that made it into the bible for us to read
she wasn't. that was the day she sat. she sat and nourished herself.
and that is the simple truth about self care.
it is the nourishing of ourselves,
and from that nourishing we can give to others
and be who we are called to be.
for those of us who have a hate on for self care, or self love for whatever reason
and there are many if you start looking too deep...many, many reasons why we don't care for ourselves,
for us,
we need to start simple.
favorite tea in the teacup
yummy smelling shampoo in the shower
fresh pillowcase on the pillow
deep breaths when sitting at the computer
stuff like that.
little stuff to get us started.
pick one suzy- just one and try it out!


  1. Tania I love you! I love how you take complex things and make them so tangiable and simple. Thank you.

  2. I heard you....


    I am going to self care!

    I am going to read my devotions

    And I’m going to take my medicine… the right way.

    I am going to drink a nice cup of tea and enjoy the moment.

    I am going to take the time to dress nice and put on makeup.

    Rather than worry… I am going to express my concerns to others!

    I am going to look up an artist, and read about them & look at their art.

    That is my plan for self care.