Tuesday, April 19, 2011

today i am grateful for the small things...

somedays i find it almost impossible to think of what i am grateful for
but that goes against my belief that gratefulness is not optional.
i need to be grateful in all things, all circumstances
and it is on days like this that a small list
can take a long time to figure out.
so today
is one of the days where this is written simply out of personal discipline
not because i feel particulary grateful
because i don't.
honestly, i feel exhausted. battle weary and very close to throwing in the towel
whatever that would mean...as if that is even an option
but i can for a brief moment imagine what it would feel like..
to just check out, stop caring, stop trying, stop doing what i do everyday.
however, i won't and i never have and i am not about to start now,
so here is my grateful list for today...and by the end,
i will have shifted my mindset and reilize that i have actually
had a very, very blessed day!
a warm cup of chai tea in a very comfy mug
polkadot pajamas that make me feel skinny:)
easy, make it yourself dinner and a family that doesn't complain about that
glorious sunshine!
peas peekin gout of the ground in the garden!
beautiful family members who i love so much
the white cat that visits our yard each day
a clean kitchen
comfy couches with soft pillows
a loving husband
flowers from my mom today
internet inspiration
memories of an easier time:)

i love ya suzy,
have a great night!


  1. Have you guys ever read the Book of Awesome? I have it and it's a cute book full of the little things in everyday life that make you feel good. Like....fresh sheets.....babies that high five.....untying a knot after a long time of trying....etc..


  2. i haven't read it, but have heard of it. maybe i can borrow it sometime?

  3. Of course! And you should definitely come to our book sale on the 7th! I think you'll find some great books. :)