Saturday, April 16, 2011

my week

April 16th  2011  
Blog #35  Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman  

Dear Tania

Here is what I learned about boundaries… a visual helper….

(sorry visual would not copy)

Think of all the spaces as rooms inside you… though we open our garden to many, it is a smaller amount we open our home to. Many are invited into our living room but only those we are closer to get into our kitchen. From there the numbers drop more. Our spouse and closest get into our bedroom… but not many if any get into the private area of our bathroom for it contains the most private information about us. We learned this when speaking about boundaries this week. I thought is might be a helpful visual for you.

I learned that I have an issue with self care… either I don’t like it, respect it, worry about it, or I am in denial about it or something…? The whole thing makes me uncomfortable and I have real trouble with it. My goal this week was to do something about it… well today is Saturday and class is Tuesday so time is against me.

I’m supposed to start my training this week for my new job… Phantom is claiming every waking second as the end of the month looms to close!
It snowed again today….

The kids gave us a beautiful big set of silverware which is great. We need new silverware for sure. It seems the perfect gift because it is something the whole family can use. Very thoughtful of them.

Last thought… Feelings are weird and unpredictable.. if followed could really mess you up. Yet feelings are just that. Feelings. Emotions that we are really feeling. Balance is the art. Which to allow which to reject!

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