Thursday, March 29, 2012

grateful for this and that and the reason why!

there is a family of birds living in our white bird house
every morning as i sit at the computer i can see them bringing nest making supplies to the window.
this delights me!

for the past week, i have not gone to be worried.
thinking lots, still not sleeping, ideas swirling, intestines growling at me,
but not worried.
for this, i am most grateful.
worry is so not in line with how i choose to live my days,
but he creeps in and gets me when i am not looking.

there are butter crunch lettuce, leek and onion seedlings on my windowsill and
i am optimistic they are going to grow into beautiful vegetables this summer.
i am in love with gardens and all the hope they hold.
i am so grateful that i discovered the wonder of the garden 12 years ago.

i watched the girls paint and journal and drink tea during their visit together and this
made me very happy. i believe there is great healing in those activites and seeing them
learn this at such a young age makes me feel optimistic for the type of women they are going to become.
i am grateful Hannah has such a good friend in Kate.We all need a friend who knows and loves us at our best and our worst and that is those two.

last Friday the girls and I babysat. Can I just say that one sure way to fill my life with joy is to spend it in the company of two year olds. I love that they freely live with their emotions and there is nothing quite like a two year old squeeze hug.

how joyful are they!?

so much to be grateful for.
so much.
be blessed today.

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  1. Wow! Those are some cute kids!