Wednesday, March 28, 2012


i read last week that the antidote to exhaustion is not rest.
it is wholeheartedness.

i've been sitting on that thought for a week now
and i believe it may be true.
(for me at least.)

the definition of whole.hearted.ness is this:
"complete and sincerely devouted, determined and enthusiastic"

it's no secret that i am happiest when i am busy. have a sense of purpose.
am creating or have various projects on the go.
these past 3 months have passed slowly and have been heavy.
there is a need for spring in my life, in my family
 and in my day to day 

i am sitting on a project that excites me.
it also excites Hannah and has the potential to give us meaningful work to do together.
it still allows me to be home, to rest when i need to,
 to be outdoors and to do something that  is dear to me

i feel excited and that excitement leads to more energy.
i feel productive and that leads to more self worth.
i feel alive and that leads to health.

i am wholeheartedly embracing what is being given to me.


  1. Mmm, I really like this. Wholeheartedness! What a good word.

    What is this project??? Do tell!! Love you!

  2. Love that quote! Or quote reference. It was a zinger for glad you shared it. I think it is true for so much of what we ordinarily feel as "exhaustion" - the kind that makes each day-after-day drag and drag. "I don't know why I'm so tired all the time..."

    Maybe "weariness" is a phrasing I prefer.

    I'll reserve "exhaustion" for when mama and baby and toddler are all on day four of serious headcolds...three nights of four hours of sleep. And mama's so tired the living room spins slowly around like living in the centre of a merry-go-round and she can't quite remember how to make toast. (Remember those days?)

    Wholeheartedness helps a ton there, too - but I'd say get some rest as well!

    Anyway, that was just a little trip down memory lane brought to us by the word "exhaustion". Right now "weary" is the word for me...and I'm going to try "wholeheartedness" instead. Thank you, sister!