Wednesday, March 14, 2012

it was a magical walk.

i rarely do activites alone.
at home, i am content to putter and spend time in solitude
but when i venture out into this wonderful world i am always with someone else.

last week,
on Tuesday afternoon,
 i had a magical walk.

Like participating in solo activities,
i also rarely use the word "magical."
it carries more weight than it need to. 
i am learning
 new definitions for words like
magical, yoga,,spirituality,
balance, prosperity, success.
 The list could go on and on,
but that is not what this post is about, now is it?

 This walk felt enchanting,
which is the simplest definition of magic
according to my dictionary.
( dig deeper..then there are all sorts of definitions that i don't want to get into)

what made this walk so enchanting, so magical, so wonderful,
 was the spontaneousness of it,
the aloneness of it and the great sense of bravery i felt.
 Those,  combined with baby lambs, hissing geese,
and all sorts of natural miracles led to me feeling
 euphoric by the end.

the magic continued when i found a heart shaped rock
that appeared to have a mini collage affixed to the surface.

i broke my rule about leaving natural items in their natural home
and i placed the gift tenderly in my hand and brought it home to rest on my white shelf.
a rock can make me that happy.
true fact.

this walk took place in less than half an hour, yet it felt as though
every step allowed me to discover another gift.


this was my favorite discovery.
a pussy willow tree with buds just opening.
for this i wished for my real camera
as i just couldn't capture the unfolding as i wished to.

for those of you who practice the art of alone activites
this probably seems silly or simple to you.
but to me,
the very act of going to the beach, for a walk,
by myself, with no agenda, no expectations whatsoever
is a pretty big deal.
 it was huge.
i felt like i fed my soul
 and the bubbling over of gratitude was uncontainable.

Last Tuesday was a magical day.
I anticipate many more in my future.

 all the extra iphone photos in this post are for you Corrie!


  1. Aww... This was such a fun post to read!

    1. gotta keep some of them fun right? my blog can get a bit heavy i worry sometimes..

  2. Hi Tania,
    I haven't commented in awhile - just quietly following you along your journey :)
    I appreciate all the truth and heart you put into your blog.
    And this post and the photos do seem magical, like in an alice in wonderland / fairy tale sort of way.
    I hope you continue to find yourself on these walks - hmmm, just re-read that, and 'find yourself' on these walks could have a double meaning :)
    Thinking of you this week as you welcome Spring!
    Tracy xxoo

    1. i've missed your comments Tracy but am glad to know you are still here...