Friday, March 9, 2012

i saw love.

i saw adoration
when he spoke of her.
we were sipping our starbucks,
and when he spoke
i saw love
in his eyes,
as they shone glossy and grew moist.
his voice lowered and grew more deliberate
as he spoke.

and i thought.
yes. i have that too.
i know that feeling of tenderness towards another
tenderness that grew out of deep hurt and loneliness.
i know that kind of love.

it's easy and fitting and true to say things like
"they saved me." "he is my hero" "she is the reason i am so happy today"
and it is important to speak those affirmations loudly and often.
and to whisper them into the winds.
i do.
and he was.

 just moments ago,
 in the kitchen,
mixing sweet dough for cinnamon buns
thinking about his declarations, his tear filled eyes,
my own deep love for owen and all he has saved me from,
i had a thought.

i also chose him.
 i made a healthy choice.
 i believed in myself enough to turn away
from  dysfunctional relationships and into one that is true and healthy and life giving.
i believed enough in the transformative power of love to try again;
in the hope of what love brings.
i am also a part of this love story.
i am the other half.
this too is worth celebrating
(eight years later- it takes me a while sometimes to put the pieces together)

and for my friend,
he too is worthy of the affirmations he speaks so lovingly towards her..
he too,
he too,
chose bravely.
and that is worth being misty eyes about.
he is the other half of their story.

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  1. Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!


    (What? Hey, I'm CELEBRATING - cancha tell? - 'cause it's absolutely worth celebrating!)

    Let's raise a toast with fizzy kefir, shall we?