Wednesday, July 20, 2011

beauty and happiness...

i am in love with owen's iphone.
in love with the hipstimatic camera app he downloaded for me.
so in love,
that he has taken to leaving the camera (which is what i call his phone)
with me during the day
so that i can carry it around in my pocket
capturing beauty and happiness.

each image is a little celebration- capturing a moment that will never
come to us again.
almost like a birthday party every single day!
little snipets of people (especially little people)
and their lovely lives and selves!
the photos shout to me -
"hey! i was here and i am beautiful and marvelous and wonderful"

taking these photos helps me to invite beauty and happiness into my life.
it is a simple act of going out and seeking light and beauty
it is everywhere...there is beauty everywhere i look
even in what sometimes appears to not be so wonderful.
a hard moment, a dark corner, a tired face, a dying flower...
look closely and slowly and you will see...

and the great thing about this little black box in my pocket is the
instant delight i feel when i see that photo all beautiful and edgy looking back at me.
i can't wait to share one on my blog, or email one to someone or just look at them
in the evening after a very long day
and marvel
marvel at the beauty and happiness that i am surrounded by
in my little life.
(are her fingers not beautiful? and look at how hard she is working!)

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