Wednesday, July 13, 2011

heart stretching...


i have noticed
that when my heart is stretching to make room
for new relationships and love
that it often hurts -
there is a shifting that is taking place-
i am missing my dear Vayda very much
yet i am also full of love
for the newest little ones in my life
my heart is growing
and healing
and sometimes that can be painful
last night
i shed hot tears as i thought of my sweet little friend
and i marveled
at how in three short years
she has become such a part of my
very heartbeat
and missing her is hard.
i also love
that there are new small ones
exploring and toddling around my garden
and their love and acceptance
of me
is filling up my heart spaces-

there is always more room to give love and to receive love
and i love that!

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