Monday, July 4, 2011

Trying to find up...

Mondays are often tough for me
they seem to be full of readjustments
and leftover exhaustion from the
which often didn't go as planned
as i am usually recovering
and not living the creative
adventure filled life that
i dream of.
but today,
today was a turn me upside down kinda day
and i am trying
quietly and timidly
to get back up again
there is alot to be grateful for today
right under my nose,
but i am refusing,
in my turned upside down state
to notice and be grateful
as i for some reason instead cling
to my bad day senario
that i am playing.
so here i am
to say
that i am trying to find up.
right now i am going to grab
a pen and paper
and make a list
of all that is good
in my life.
i shall post the list tomorrow
and we
can be amazed at my wonderful life together!

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