Friday, July 29, 2011

why do i worry...

why do i fret?
why do i doubt myself and my abilities that i know i possess.
(and for which i am very grateful)
it is curious to me that i am so quick
to call in the doubter that lives in my head
rather than the cheerleader who lives,
well somewhere...
i spend my days in the (mostly) delightful company
of young children
have the freedom to live out their days
delighting in the simple pleasures of life
and exploring with great confidence
the new abilities they have.
rarely do i hear "i can't do it..."
and when i do,
it soon becomes a triumphant
"look Tania - I did it myself!"
of course they did.
we are all able to choose to live in that triumphant place
or we can choose to fret and worry and doubt.
i need to work on this.

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