Wednesday, July 27, 2011

this day...

i am grateful for extra hands and hearts
i delight in a warm cup of tea
i was suprised by a welcome visitor at the perfect, they have all just fallen asleep time
i wished for less wind and more sunshine
i anticipate the end of a long week for my dear owen
i savoured a yummy lunch
i feel my children's love for me
i love the warmth of a hand made afghan
i gaze at my beatiful photography magazine just waiting for time to be explored
i successfully finish my last assignment and prepare for my exam
i tidy up the never ending trail of toddler play
i stretch my aching muscles and tell my body that i want to be friends
i miss the people in my heart who live far away
i feel satisfied that my life is making a small differerence somewhere
that is what this day
looks like
to me.

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