Tuesday, July 5, 2011

mango ice-cream and all sorts of grateful thoughts!

yesterday i was miserable and upside down
so i went outside and wrote a gratefulness list-

there is an absolutely perfect yellow rose blooming
the sun is bright and beautiful today
i have healthy children who really love me
my house smells like greilled cheese sandwiches after lunch
my sun tea is the perfect sweetness
there is only one more load of laundry to do
i worte a letter to Vayda today and put stickers on the envelope
i have a friend who is excited that i am making her mango ice-cream
Owen and i are going to get groceries tonight together and all by ourselves
Owen called to see how my day was and patiently listened to my grumbling
today there were 2 little ones instead of 5
bubble water kept M&T occupied for so long
the sky is a most beautiful blue
I am warm today-yay-no sweater
there are fresh peas ready in the garden
chalk is bright and shiny when it gets wet- i love that!
i am writing this list with a purple pen
i bought my watch and love it so much- it is awesome knowing the time
i know my heart will heal and the empty space will fill up soon
there are no wasps in the backyard

the day ended on such a lovely note and today has been peaceful in my heart.
gratitude works!

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