Friday, July 8, 2011

Listening to Carter


this dear boy has the most amazing eyes.
you can't see them in this photo
and a photo doesn't even do them justice.
they are dark and deep and wide
and when he looks at you
you stop.
you stop whatever you are doing
and gaze back at him
and listen.
listen to the love and the trust and the hope
and the questions and the hurt
and the fear and the confusion
and you hear all of it
without him even saying a word.
this boy doesn't talk much at all
and when he does,
it might be mixed in with a sandcastle building
or a hulahoop twirling
or a stomp-stomp stomping.
he might be whispering love while painting
he might be complaining bitterly while running-
he might be inviting you into his world
while twirling and counting and looking.
he might be asking for reassurance when he buries his head into your belly

i am learning to listen.
Learing to hear the many languages he speaks.
it is exhausting and hard and requires a deep level of listening
that doesn't come naturally.
some days it doesn't come easy
and i forget to listen
other days i remember
the lessons i am learning from him
and i hear so much!

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