Sunday, July 17, 2011


for some reason today i have been pondering forgiveness.
and i am sure of this...
i am grateful for the power that forgiveness brings to our lives.
it isn't easy and it tends to be complicated
and it can get all emotional messy
and it is much harder to extend forgiveness to myself than to others
and it is very difficult for me to accept the forgiveness of others
despite all the challenges...
i know, that i know, that i know
that forgiveness works.
for me.
it works when i extend forgiveness to others
because there is a freeing up of space in my heart
and my life for all the goodness that is waiting to pour in.
when i forgive others,
i can move forward in my life
becoming and creating and growing.
each time i look back on my life
i see crossroads
where i had the choice to let go- or hold on
and always, always, letting go
no matter how gut wrenching and terrifying it was at the moment
was the right choice.
letting go of others and their choices and actions
the hurt and the betrayals
letting go of the unkind words and thoughts they held towards me
letting go and forgiving
allows me to become one little baby step closer to who i am so excited to become!

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