Thursday, July 28, 2011

tiny gestures...

i am thinking alot about the power of tiny gestures
of consideration and thoughtfulness.
i am trying to practice both
on a daily basis with my family,
my families i work with, my friends and
with strangers.
it looks like this -
specific, intentional words or actions that i think
will bring encouragement, joy, support or just plain fun
to someone else's day.
tiny gestures are easy becuase they don't allow fo me to get all caught
up in doing so much!
i have struggled in the past with wanting to do it all for everyone
and this past year has been a journey for me
of letting that go.
i am now very content to practice simple acts of kindness
and to accept my limitations.
practically speaking,
i like to plan ahead for these daily moments-
so when i am out i might see something small
that i imagine a specific person might love
and i will pick it up and tuck it away,
or i keep my box of cards and stamps right handy
so it only takes a few minutes to write a card.
facebook has its issues but it also is an easy way to stay connected
quickly and frequently with those i love.
little love notes on stickys to my family
or a quick batch of ice cream or cookies goes along way
to filling someone's love tank.
i guess
this is just my little practice of
making myself happy
and it happens to bless others at the same time.

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