Tuesday, July 26, 2011

there are moments...

there are moments when i am so proud.
and there are moments when i shake my head
and wonder.
this is not one of those moments.
this is the i am so proud moment.
the moment when your heart swells a bit
and you sigh a tiny little sigh of relief
that something, anything
you taught and modelled and prayed for and bargained for
and was quite sure was lost forever
comes bubbling to the surface.
i am proud of this girl -
her dignity, her grace, her honesty, her ability to process
her willingness to be honest with herself, her care of others despite her pain,
her understanding of just what she needs
and her thoughtfulness at not dumping all her hurt and anger
at my feet, or on my head or anywhere else for that matter.
she is
making me proud.
and i
am honoured to be her mama.
now- no boys for a while please!!

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