Thursday, July 14, 2011

checking my balance...


when Suzy and i started this blog
alot of my personal focus was on finding a balance in my life
a balance between work and parenting
a balance between work and health
a balance between marriage and parenting
a balance between pretty much everything.
i did some good work
i dedicated my sunday afternoons to art and spending time with a dear friend
owen and i had date nights
the kids and i adjusted to me working at home and what that looks like
(it doesn't look pretty most days truth be told)
and i was learning to manage my health and come to terms with that.
and then something happened
and somehow,
like a stretched out elastic band
i fell out of balance
and snapped back into
when i am out of balance,
it can be pretty ugly.
i become a martyr
and slightly impatient
and i tend to make a big deal about everything
most annoyingly to my family
i start to repeat everything!
as if they can't hear me just because i am freaking out!
i am checking my balance again- looking to see
not so much where i went wrong because there isn't much point
in looking backwards.
but i am trying to figure out how to re establish
some balance
especially in the area of
self- care...
that dreaded word that some of us hate,
some of us love
and some of us are coming to terms with as being life saving.
ideas please?
remember the following:
i work alot so my evenings are short
i can't eat much of anything good so food is depressing
i am exhausted - so exercise is, well, tricky...
i am an introvert (this is new to me)
i sound like i am complaining
but i am not
just being realistic and honest...

waht do you do for self care?


  1. I journal or read... For journaling I make it fun by buying myself some Beautiful Pens just for journaling to make it special. Since I don't really get myself anything pens are a treat & they make journaling even more rewarding.

  2. Well I write in a journal, stories and dreams.. I pray for others... keep a journal for that too. Also send cards and notes to people who are on my mind... gets me out of myself. Walking with the dogs, and thrift store treasure hunting with Robert.