Thursday, April 5, 2012

" i crossed the street to walk in the sunshine"

i sat with my tiredness and my fears.
i listened to my body and the cracks in my heart.
i soaked in the comfort that came from tea and baths and wise words
and warm hugs, and love.
i practiced gratitude even when it seemed there was nothing to be grateful for.
i choose to see the good. to speak the truth. to love with abandon.
i journaled and painted and dug in the dirt
and i wandered beaches and paths and i listened to the birds sing their songs.
i prayed and i spoke affirmations
and i still do.
all these things
i sit with my weariness and the cracks still dry up if they are not carefully watered.
it's a daily thing.


 i always cross the street to walk in the sunshine.
it's always there.
i am so grateful for my life.
for the life i share with my family
and dear ones.
for the paths i wander.
i am so blessed and thankful for every little thing.
just needed to say that today.
just a little thank you shout out for my life.

1 comment:

  1. I love that mental image - of crossing the street to walk in the sunshine. That's the way to live, isn't it?