Wednesday, April 4, 2012

secret messages.

when i first began using instagram
i was unaware of what was going to happen there.
it seemed like the greatest place to store my daily phone photos
and there were some great feeds for me to see other's photos as well.
a lot like flickr without the pressure.

slowly i began to discover a group of women who took photos of,
and wrote in their captions about secret messages
and i was curious.

turns out,
there's a lovely community of women who
 create their journaling art from the words and images found in everyday
gatherings...newspapers, magazines, brochures, ticket stubs..
the stuff a collage artist loves.
and they also send envelopes full of these treasures to each other.

i was able to reach out and become a small part of this group
by asking for addressess and sending my own envelopes to these kindred souls
whom i most likely will never meet or speak to in person.
but we have connected
and there are daily comments back and forth on our photos and
our mailboxes unexpectedly find cheerful envelopes inside.

it is so fun. my family smiles at me and i am pretty sure
can't quite figure out this random new hobby of mine.

i made the picture above last night
as i was trying to recover from my flare yesterday.
the words had arrived in an envelope the day before but i hadn't played with them yet.

pretty perfect timing i think.

(if you would like an envelope of secret messages, send me your address and i will happily mail you one so you can play too!)

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  1. How totally cool! I love the idea...but also know it's not my form of creativity. So - can I just enjoy yours? And keep blogging about this kind of's interesting!