Thursday, April 19, 2012

updating my list

it's getting closer to my birthday
and that means i need to revisit my list

i have decided that i am not going to make a new list
next week but am going to do something different this year

 but i am curious to see how i am doing with last years
birthday ideas.
i can remember so clearly writing the list out.
owen and i were at Wilderquest and we sat together on the couch and the ideas came so easily to me.
now, almost a year later i look at them and
 some of them make me laugh
(get a tattoo with owen-what was i thinking-ouch!)
 some cause me to feel some sadness
(go on an all day hike-walking up the stairs is a challenge some days)
and most just show me what i really love to do
(paint, journal,write)

i think i crossed alot off this year!

host a dinner party
grow perfect tomatoes
paint a big canvas
find my tribe
go on an art weekend
whiten my teeth
lose ten pounds
learn to swim
get away to Seattle with Owen
girls time away with hannah
family weekend away to Wilderquest
BBQ a roast on a rotisserie
keep writing snail mail
buy Vayda pretty dresses
make Maddy's mom a photo album
go on an all day hike
tea with my mom
tea with corrie
paint rocks for the garden
learn to cook Indian food
learn to make coconut milk icecream
go on a picnic to the beach
sleep under the stars
play with glo sticks at the beach
call an old friend
paint my toe nails bright pink
wear more dresses
get a tattoo with owen
learn to make delicious ice tea in the sunshine
eat more veggies
shop at the farmers markets as much as possible
walk when i can instead of drive
visit Lisa in Vancouver
journal more often
wear high heels
buy myself flowers
go on a train trip
do a photoshoot with a ridiculous amount of balloons
celebrate Canada Day
collect mismatched china dishes
go to a yoga class

i am most proud of the fact that i went to Yoga.
that has been years in the making and it felt so great!
maybe i can squeeze in a picnic to the beach, with my mismatched china,
before my birthday arrives.
and hopefully, instead of doing a photoshoot with a ridiculous amount of balloons
i'll be doing one of a brand new baby.
(keep going on those walks Dorothea!)

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