Friday, April 27, 2012

what i didn't know a year ago...

looking back over this past year,
these are the lessons that have been woven deep into my heart.

finding a tribe is easy once you start being authentic and vulmerable.
 We want to connect with each other.
 Genuine friendships are born through the acceptance of ourselves.
We need each other. I need to have other women in my life.

Reframing and gratitude
 are the most valuable daily tools i have.
 Every circumstance contains goodness.
there is always a gift. always.

Love and kindness cannot be overdone.
Constant, daily authentic exhcanges and offerings of these to each other does soften hearts and restore relationships.
Love is always the right response.

Speaking our truth, our pain, our joy, our gratitude, our confusion and our love frees up so much room to grow and bless.
to wiggle within ourselves.
 Our stories help others with their own stories.
We grow together.

It's okay to storm heaven, to bombard God, to beseech Him.
He's up to the challenge.
It's also okay for me to make peace with my own definition of faith.

and finally for me,
remembering the moments, the details and the mundane
honouring the daily. rejoicing in the dishes.
recording my days through journaling, photographing, arting.
i want to remember as time goes by so fast.

these are my lessons from my 43rd year.

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