Tuesday, April 3, 2012

that's the way it goes some days..

one of the challenges with a condition such as
is the unpredictability.

i was hit a few hours ago with such a flare up
that felt like it came out of nowhere and it has left me
vulnerable and sore
 sipping tea, watching tv and waiting for
my Owen to come home so we can nurse our chronic conditions together
(his eyes are giving him grief these days)

this morning i was feeling fine.
doing my thing. making plans for the afternoon.
 when a flare up comes out of nowhere,
even when i have been eating carefully and doing what i think i should be doing,
it throws me.
there's a betrayal that comes each and every time
between my body and i
and i know that once this passes and i am feeling more like myself,
hopefully tomorrow
i will need to begin again the process of loving my body
and making the right choices,
even where there appears to be no reward.

not gonna lie,
this gets wearysome. and old. and frustrating.
those are emotions that can suck the gratefulness practice
right out of me super quick.
the constant rebuilding of my health plan becomes almost comical.
(but not really)
 i need to be vigilant tonight and tomorrow to take care.
and to lay low.
this is the way it goes and it will continue to do so
because it would appear my colitis is here to stay.
we are about to pass the 3 year mark and there is still an ongoing
conversation between my body and my self.
i need to learn to roll with this.


  1. oh my dear friend.
    I am so sorry that today has been defined by pain.
    hang in there super girl,
    when Owen gets home, ask him to put your super girl cape in the dryer for a few minutes, then to bring it to the couch all toasty warm for you to curl under :)

    1. thank you Tracy...the couch and I were friends last night to be certain but I can't seem to find my cape anywhere these days:(

  2. Love you sister of mine!! Wishing I could be there to sip tea with you ...hoping your cantankerous tummy feels better today.

    1. thank you dear sister..the body always seems to find it's way again, at least for a little while, and today is a better day. Love you!

  3. I like the toasty-warm Supergirl cape suggestion...now all we need is Superman goggles for Owen! "All we need" being intended in its very loosest possible sense.

    So very sorry we forgot the kefir delivery this morning - the note is on the fridge, unnoticed. I was about to run it out to you myself when Dad said he was going your way anyhow...

    I'll send hugs along, too!

    1. superman goggles for owen would be so great! or super strong allergy and pain medication...i think that is why he is suffering more than usual.