Wednesday, April 11, 2012

i love it when...

my day is filled with so many great activites
that before i even reilize it
the day is coming to a close and i'm just sitting down at my computer.

i love it when tea with a friend involves 4 cups and a trip to the garden store.

i love it that Caleb's special peppers have germinated and that there is a big row
of colourful garden signs drying on my counter.

i love it when we all gather around the TV and cheer on the Canucks
even if all of us don't love hockey and some of us don't love the team.

i love it when i pick up my camera and a picture just works.
i love that.

i love planning photo shoots that involve bare feet, pregnant bellies and daffodiles.

i love that tomorrow i will plant multi coloured radishes,
just because they are pretty.

i love it when it all just comes together for one more day
and i love it when plans change and get better than imagined.
i love that.

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