Monday, January 30, 2012

finding the good.

what i also call,
"finding the good"
looks like this these days...

when you walk downstairs and find your white slipcovered couch splattered with spagetti sauce
you decide, instead of freaking out,
 "what great motivation to wash the slip covers..i hate that job but now i have to do it- yay!"

when you hear comings and going at all hours of the night
you use the next morning to have a firm chat and re establish the hours of acceptable comings and goings with your favorite man-boy.
the house should be quiet after 10 from now on if all goes according to plan.

when you need to sit and have an IV in your arm for 3 hours or so,
you use that opportunity to catch up with your wonderful mother
and rest in the quiet of not having to do anything..
because you can''re kinda stuck there.

when you haven't any energy, have been crying most of the day and reilize it's date night,
so you grab your poetry books, turn down the lights and read to each other
and find it to be the funnest night of the week.

when your daughter homeschools and spends all day with you
it is okay to occasionally let her sleep in.
late, very late
so that you can have a quiet morning to do absolutly nothing at all.

when even though yesterday was the hardest day ever,
you look at your gratefulness list that has become so habitual that you forget you are doing it sometimes
and you see all sorts of blessings and wonder on the pages.
and you remember that you actually are very fond of winding rivers
and mucking about in boats.

if you look hard enough
the gift is always there.
i promise.

1 comment:

  1. Spaghetti, huh? Ouch. Well, it's better than ballpoint some sofas I could you can always bleach white...and it does feel so virtuous to finally get around to tedious jobs like washing slipcovers. ("Reframing" is so much easier when it's other people's sofas...ever notice that?)

    And I have to say - each time I re-read "let her sleep in...very, very late" I start laughing again. Like, five times in a row. I do that with my daughter sometimes, too, and she's only six!

    But, dear sister, crying all day...reframing that one is playing in the big leagues. You're getting good at this, you know?